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Costa di Mezzate (BG) 24060, ITALY

We are proud to announce that we have been successfully audited by TOTALENERGIES, Refining and Chemicals, and approved for the supply of the complete range of our ball valves.


In particular the visit was dedicated to evaluate and witness the functioning of our Fire Test bench, to be able to meet the criteria of the major International Rules and TOTALENERGIES specification GS RC PVA 607.

TOTALENERGIES requires that valves in category 1 and 2, in addition to the test criteria defined in API 607 latest edition, comply with the requirement of pre-qualification which implies the use of a TOTAL approved fire test bench.


After more than 40 years of experience in Fire Tests and a lot of lessons learnt, Starline S.p.A. has invested time and money to design a professional Fire Test Bench that may allow the respect of all the safety standards and the flexibility of changing the test criteria whenever needed.

The test bench is designed to reach the required temperature of 750°C in 2 minutes and automatically record all values given by instrumentation for pressure, temperature and leakage.

The bench is equipped with 10 rows of burners with a burning power of 430kW and can be regulated to adjust the temperature depending on the size and dimensions of the valves to be tested.
The area where the test is carried out is completely enclosed in a full SS structure that guarantee the safety for the operators and inspectors.

We are thankful to all Starline’s technical team, Starline France’s commercial team and HPSC team for the work and dedication that lead to this important achievement.

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